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  1. 14. Cookie, R. Kelly (because he is a criminal)

    13. Freek’n You, Jodeci

    12. I Want It That Way, Backstreet Boys

    11. Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy, Nick Waterhouse

    10. Heaven, Matt Bomer

    9. Marry You, Donald Glover

    8. Give it to the People, The Child of Lov

    7. Untitled, Matt Bomer

    6. Sex You, Bando Jonez

    5. Gooey, Glass Animals

    4. All the Time, Jeremih, Lil Wayne, Natasha Mosley

    3. Pony, Ginuwine


  2. Realtalk, gang: who is naming our fruits and vegetables? This is madness. Anyways, here are a bunch of tomato names that sound like strippers from the recent film Magic Mike XXL, which I do not think has yet been mentioned on this particular website.

    Big Boy

  3. Obviously, Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello. The entire male cast of Magic Mike XXL, really, all wet noses and unbridled enthusiasm and hanging their heads out of car windows and sniffing things for the sheer joy of being alive. If Labrador Retrievers had abs, it would be these men. Fights are quickly dissolved into celebrations of life. They probably eat garbage, and kick their legs in the air if you scratch them in the right place.

  4. I think Nicole already put this in one of her link roundups, but frankly I'm not done being excited about this yet. What's most appealing – and perhaps surprising – about the sequel to the 2012 hit is the overriding sense of inclusiveness and acceptance. The film's already been called 'body positive' and 'sex positive', praised for its focus on diversity and female desire. For what's essentially a buddy road…

  5. This is a movie recap so it will be entirely composed of spoilers. If you're thinking there's a plot twist in Magic Mike XXL you don't want to know about until you behold this movie's glory on the silver screen, read no further. Let's get one thing out of the way--Magic Mike Vol. 1 was not a good movie. I loved it but it was terrible--no plot, terrible acting, and it was pretty dark and…

  6. Channing Tatum does not dry himself off with a towel; he braces himself on all fours and shakes himself dry like a duck dog.

    Channing Tatum sticks his head out of the window on long car rides. Sometimes, if he catches someone looking at him, he'll stick his tongue out happily, to complete the effect. It's partly a joke, and partly something he does without knowing why he has to do it.

  7. In this amazing poster, my beloved Channing is saying, “Back off, ladies. All this is for Roxane only.” He is also saying, “Take a look at my oiled torso, my perfect arms, my perfect face, my amazing dance moves, my thick neck, I am the Alpha and the Omega.”

    Yes, Channing. Yes.

  8. INT. DAY. It is early morning — the sun is coming in through the window. CHANNING TATUM is asleep in bed, one foot hanging over the edge. He is wearing oversized blue footie pajamas — NOT a Snuggie; old-fashioned footie pajamas with the buttons in the back — and snoring gently. MARK RUFFALO climbs in through the window. MARK RUFFALO: Channing. Channing. [No response. He nudges CHANNING gently.] Hey, Channing. [He nudges CHANNING less gently this…

  9. I am on maternity leave. I'm not really here.

    1. If Channing Tatum were your boyfriend, he would NEVER try to tell you about Slavoj Žižek.

    2. If Channing Tatum were your boyfriend, he would think you were so smart. "Babe, you are so smart," he would say, while welding at you.

  10. Either you understand why Channing Tatum is perfection or you do not. If you do not, I am not sure what to say to you.

  11. It was still dark out when he got the news. He was alone in his room, and then suddenly, he was not. A slender red-haired woman who had appeared at his side whispered the words, "It's you, Adam. People has chosen you," then quickly and gracefully flung herself out the window. He could hear screams drifting up from the street. He wiped his eyes. "It's me." A grin broke out across his face, and…