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  1. Follower of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    Kneeling at the foot of Calvary.

    Passionate about social justice and social media || Disgusting sinner saved by grace alone

  2. “There are years that ask questions and years that answer” –Zora Neale Hurston   1. The three years I’ve lived out of the closet have all been question years. I’ve marked them with my own rituals: around March first, my “official” gayversary, I reread The Miseducation of Cameron Post, which wasn’t my first gay book, but rather the first gay book I read after I started to believe I could be gay. March first is an approximation,…

  3. When I was seventeen, I attended a lock-in hosted by my church’s high school youth group. For those of you who did not participate in Christian youth groups as youngsters, a church lock-in is essentially a big supervised slumber party that usually takes place on church grounds. It’s not that different from any other slumber party attended by teenagers since whenever sleepovers became a thing: there’s pizza, snacks, music, movies, and a general lack of…

  4. My mother thinks I’m going to hell. That it is a real place (though not, she would qualify, full of brimstone; her idea of hell is dark, and chaotic, and utterly without God). My grandfather, when he was in hospice care, said between labored breaths how glad he was that all of his four grandchildren had made their Profession of Faith. He said about his daughter-in-law, my aunt, “I believe she knows the Lord, but…

  5. Holiness Movement

    MONK #1: all right
    you read the Bible
    MONK #2: right
    MONK #1: whole thing?
    MONK #2: A to done
    MONK #1: okay whatd you get out of it
    MONK #2: we should touch snakes
    MONK #1: really?
    touch em up a bunch
    MONK #1: anything else
    MONK #2: mm
    mostly just the snakes

  6. There's a sort of cheerful, self-satisfied superiority about Presbyterianism that runs through the oeuvre of L. M. Montgomery. Her main characters, by and large, are matter-of-fact in their allegiance to the old Scottish denomination. The comic side characters, however, are allowed to get downright judgmental about it. The most notable is probably Miss Cornelia Bryant, who comes to meet Anne and Gilbert when they move to Glen St. Mary in Anne's House of Dreams, “seeing…

  7. My mother has two life mottos: "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke," and "Any excuse for a party." These two serve her pretty well, and our family has adopted them for basically any situation. People tend to look at me funny when I tell them that the latter was the main theory behind my religious upbringing. My mother was raised half-Catholic, half-Jewish. She was confirmed in the Church and has a rosary her…

  8. It wasn't his coming back that surprised everyone, since people had been more or less expecting it for the last two-thousand-some-odd years; it was the fact that he was only interested in coming back as a carpenter. He was just there one day, in a way that he hadn't been before, and everyone knew without being told who he was. He looked just like he was supposed to, from the dark hair to the dark skin…

  9. He said he liked my shoes – black Chuck Taylor high tops, neon pink trim. Our first assignment was to do a profile on another student. We'd chosen each other. I liked his blue eyes, dark hair, Ken-doll perfect face, but in my profile I wrote about his academic achievements. In his profile he wrote about my shoes. *** I was seventeen, part of a special band of homeschooled evangelical youth being groomed to Take…

  10. Welcome to Gabbin' About God, in which Mallory uses her religious background to explain things to Nicole. Mallory, can I ask you a dumb question about Jesus? Because you know a lot about Christian theology, and I was pretty into it for a few years before becoming non-religious, but I was High Anglican, so I'm more tea-cake-Evensong-y? Like, I'm super up on the Bible itself, but this is not really explained in the Bible.