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  1. Rebecca is a Quaker living in Atlanta with her wife, two dogs, and cat. She is an aspiring children's librarian.

    Hi, Rebecca! Can you tell me a little bit about your religious background growing up?

    I grew up super fundamentalist, almost Quiverfull, and am now an atheist Quaker. My wife and I were married under the care of our Quaker meeting a few weeks ago.

  2. Hi Kellee! Can you tell me a little bit about your religious background growing up?

    I consider my relationship with Christianity brainwashing, which may sound severe, but it felt that extreme to me. We attended an Assemblies of God/non-denominational church for a while, but my family is devoutly Black Southern Baptist.

  3. In her new book, Sex with Shakespeare: Here's Much to Do with Pain, but More with Love, Jillian Keenan uses Shakespeare's plays as a vehicle to tell the story of how she came to understand her own sexuality.

  4. Amy Mihyang Ginther is a professor at UC Santa Cruz. She is founder and owner of Vocal Context, where she runs workshops that empower women and people of color in their communication skills. She has contributed to Transracial Eyes and Modern Loss. Amy does not live with her two cats and wants to know if you're gonna eat that.

  5. "As a society, it’s time we woke up from our collective illusion that autism is a puzzle that’s going to be solved by a medical breakthrough that’s perpetually just around the corner. Autistic people have been here for millennia, but it’s only in the last few years that we’ve been able to see them clearly. Now we have the opportunity to focus our resources on giving them what they need."

  6. Josh: I would describe my comedy less as "nice" and more as "friendly." I try to make work that people in the audience aren’t gonna be bummed out hearing.

  7. I trust book buyers to read beyond their immediate experience, beyond their census box. This is what readers have done since literacy became commonplace, so I don’t know why that’s a great leap for our industry today. But I still hear it all the time: “Does this group buy books?” “Is this group enough of an audience?” I hear real fear in that question.

  8. Hi, Emily! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself before we get started?

    Here's some quick summary info:
    - Emily, 32, trans (I am a literal infant when it comes to being a woman, only two months old!!), gay
    - Grandparents and extended family are all fairly religious (I think everyone is Lutheran), though neither my parents or my mom's siblings are particularly religious.

  9. Sometimes we don't know what we need from movies until one of them gives it to us.

  10. Putting the finishing touches on a scathing satirical novel about this place.