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  1. Reply permanently failed because recipient doesn’t believe you’re more afraid of them than they are of you.

    Reply permanently failed because recipient honestly forgot how and from where they know you and it would be awkward to pretend otherwise.

    Reply permanently failed because recipient liked the idea of having gone to a party, but not the idea of going.

  2. She probably meant no offense; she just forgot her manners or, more likely, slipped and gave voice to the truth she believes, the truth that lives in her head. Unlike her, I didn't have the luxury of forgetting myself or my place.

  3. There are other ways to throw a good party, too. This is just one example among many. Here are some highlights:

    1. There is one man. He is in the corner.

    2. People are free to nap, or to watch other people napping, as they see fit.

  4. It's a simple one, and it's just saucy enough that people feel a little excited over having been included, but not so saucy that you risk offending someone (your mileage may vary depending on your peer group, results not guaranteed). It requires just enough participation and interaction that people perk up and start talking to each other, but not so much that anyone has to get up or anything. If the conversation was flagging before, odds are that…

  5. Oh, Christ Anna, he's going to start reading poetry at us what do we do play dead? no that's bears what's wrong nothing's wrong nothing's wrong exactly don't you like the flowers the flowers are fine i guess i just thought there'd be more more than the flowers we have blanketing the party? its fine i guess these are enough i guess its fine if you dont really care about flowers…

  6. Hi, Three Dog Night. How's it going? Want some -- no, sorry. Sorry. I forgot. Look, I've heard you've been talking a lot lately about the party last Saturday and I'm really sorry to hear that you didn't have a good time. I really am. I just wish you'd come to me about it, okay? I mean...I don't want to tell you how to define your own experience, but it feels like some of your…


    Rest up. The same way an athlete stretches her muscles, we must prepare our faculties for partygoing. Some may prefer a dark room with no external stimuli, or a sunny quiet field. Others, a secluded shower stall where nobody can hear you crying. Others, a drink or three. I used up all my drink tickets by the time I turned 22, so I’ve had to develop other skills. Find the psychic home…