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  1. Elis Bradshaw last wrote for The Toast about accidentally taking boudoir photos with her mom.

    Some lucky women are born athletes. I have a friend who runs like a gazelle and transforms into a porpoise when she goes swimming. I am not one of those women, not by a long shot. 

    I spent the first twenty years of my life with my nose planted in a book and my body

  2. Jen See's previous (sportif) work for The Toast can be found here.

    July means long days at the beach and ice cream in the shade. It also means bike racing. For three weeks each July, the Tour de France hurtles through the countryside in a blur of kaleidoscopic color. There are sunflowers and rainstorms and massive mountain passes. The riders’ deeply etched muscles shift and twist under leathered skin. Their legs tell

  3. Starting about two months before the first kick-off launches FIFA’s World Cup, every Peruvian family gathering involves at least two people exchanging small rectangular stickers with a player’s face photoshopped onto a jersey. Just the other night, at my best friend’s birthday lonche, I sat with a cousin, each going through the other’s stack of repetidas seeing if we had any to exchange. “Ya la, No la” (“Got It, Don’t Got it”) are the phrases…

  4. Jen See last wrote for The Toast about cycling. She's very sporty. The clutch pedal feels cold under my bare foot, and there’s sand lodged in deep between my toes. I’m pretty sure I have ten of them, but I can only feel two or three. Sky, air, sea, they’re all grey, so much so that it’s impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. The heater in my VW is episodic.

  5. With all of the friends I’ve made over the years through sports and athletics, it sometimes feels like I came to it pretty late in life. As a second generation Vietnamese-American woman, a childhood of sports was always presented to me as a quintessentially American thing; middle-class American families, white and black, encourage their kids to do sports for the sake of proper socialization and to hopefully make for a well-rounded college application in

  6. This profile--like the modern pentathlon, Shakespearean dramaturgy, and some old-school “Vlogbrothers” videos--comes in five parts.

    Part I

    In 1889, a group of schoolboys from Old Central School in southwest London formed an amateur football club called Wimbledon Old Central FC. The club won a few amateur and semi-professional league titles over the next two decades before a meeting in 1905 resulted in members electing to drop ‘Old Central’ from the name, changing

  7. Stan Sloane: Welcome back everyone to Mile High Stadium. We’re here near the end of a very tense fourth quarter, with the score tied 31-31 and the Denver Broncos on the march against the stout defense of the Chieftains of Kansas City. I’m Stan Sloane – former Pro Bowl QB – here in the booth with my partner Marcus Aurelius, Last Good Emperor of Rome. Marcus, it’s been a heated contest so far. What do…

  8. When Miesha “Cupcake” Tate walks into the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on the night of December 28, she is wearing a pink skort and singing along to Katy Perry’s “Roar.” She’s about to enter the arena to fight her rival, Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey, in the 168th Ultimate Fighting Championship event. Then, Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” starts to blare over the speakers, and the camera switches focus to Rousey. She’s wearing all

  9. Mindy Hung's previous bodice-ripping work for The Toast can be found here. Most recently: Love in Colour: Multicultural and Interracial Romance Novels. Just how does the average wealthy, workaholic male romance novel protagonist find time to lovingly hone the ridges of his rectus abdominis? If the gentleman is a sports star, then that’s easy: The six pack is simply part of his job. But what happens when a heroine is the athlete? Fewer…

  10. This piece brought to you by friends of Katie, known cyclist and queer lady, in honor of her birthday. You never thought this would happen to you, did you? I mean, it's not like you have anything against it, you just never though you'd be the kind of person who rolls that way. But lately, it seems like the harder you look away, the more you see them everywhere – hanging around on your way…

  11. For my master’s thesis, I made a documentary on the London 2012 Olympics. I traipsed through the city carrying a heavy camera I barely knew how to use, bothering everyone I could meet for an interview and watching events from the cheap seats. During school, I read and wrote and watched the Olympics every which way – in the LA84 museum, in the British archives, late at night staring at a screen – from the…

  12. This post brought to you by a reader who had been making tiny donations over time without realizing he was entitled to sponsor a post! Truly an American hero. On January 15th, the world lost its oldest living professional wrestler. Her name was Johnnie Mae Young, and she died yesterday, after having wrestled in every decade since the 1940s. I’d always assumed that wresting was sweaty macho bullshit, and when people talked about wrestling…

  13. The next time you’re out jogging or at the gym or taking a yoga class or going on a bike ride, if you do such things, appreciate for a moment your freedom to exercise. If you’re a sweater like me, be grateful. Enjoy your sweat. There was a time when physical exercise was deemed a masculine activity, and a moral issue, anathema to your true role as companion of the male and mother of the…