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  1. In the image, Necib is poised, strong, beautiful, and unapologetic. She belongs there: both her skilled feet and her painted hands. I thought of the young athlete I'd been and wished I could have seen something similar when I was still a child.

  2. The NWHL's sparkly new championship trophy, the Isobel Cup, was named for Lord Stanley's hockey-playing daughter. The lower tiers are lined with empty plaques waiting to be filled in with the names of future winners.

  3. Erica Westly tells the story of the National Soccer Alliance, the first professional women's soccer league, and the decades of unequal treatment leading up to the current pay dispute between members of the USWNT and the US Soccer Federation.

  4. In no particular order:

    My God
    This woman is the goddess Diana reborn in human form; I would sell all that I own in order to serve as her silent handmaiden

  5. The TV is too loud because he’s hard of hearing, and he leans forward so he doesn’t miss a word, his eyes hungry, unblinking. The motorcycle sport documentary On Any Sunday plays on the screen, and though my dad has probably seen it a dozen times, his fascination will never fade.  He’s watching the part about the famous Widowmaker hill climb-- the 1,000-foot-tall mountain slope in Utah that only twenty riders out

  6. In the year since Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown, Jr. in Ferguson, Missouri, graphic videos and images of police brutality against unarmed black Americans have flooded social media feeds, thanks to the potent combination of ubiquitous cell phone cameras and the tireless efforts of Black Lives Matter activists. Like many, I’ve followed this stream of events with increasing frustration and horror, as these incidents remind us of racism and police brutality’s knock-on effects. Racist police brutality degrades community morale,…

  7. Previously by Molly Knefel: Growing Up Gender Nonconforming Every girl at sports camp, it seemed to me, was there for cheerleading. As a second-grader (well, summer-before-third-grader), I harbored a Daria-like disdain for the cheerleaders, fueled by their much greater hatred of me. We stayed in college dorms, two rooms with two girls each, adjoined by a bathroom. I got placed with three girls who were already best friends. In my memory, they all look alike…

  8. Previously by Molly Priddy: My Secular Patron Saints In February 2002, when I was a junior in high school, a house burned down in Missoula, Montana. Houses can do that, burn to the ground – it's not entirely uncommon here, especially in the winter when heating systems can go awry. But in our city, considered to be the liberal, blue freckle on an otherwise very red state, even more important than the ashes was what…

  9. “Strike one.” I looked up from under the rim of my Washington Nationals baseball cap, a cheaply made one with a flimsy brim and mesh skull. The ball fell to the dirt behind me. I’d hit a foul. I hit another. Strike two. Okay, deep breath. This was it. There were two runners on base, but this next hit mattered mostly because we were nearly halfway through the season and my own foot had yet…

  10. For ten years, from the time I was seven or eight until I graduated from high school, I spent my Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings stretching my splits, swimming underwater lengths, and chewing the silicone ends of nose clips. The people who did all of these things with me are still some of my closest friends.

  11. Sarah Miller's previous work for The Toast can be found here. I see someone every once in a while that I would say qualifies as a therapist. I actually call her my guidance counselor because I started seeing her to help me shed stubborn layers of immaturity. About a month ago my guidance counselor told me that I was naïve. She said that I give people credit for being a lot more conscious and…

  12. When I broke my neck, I heard it break. A crisp "pop!" from the base of my neck. I’m told my gymnastics teammates heard it, too, from across the gym. I’d broken some bones in my feet, the occasional finger, and sprained my ankles a zillion times, but never experienced such an audial reminder that we are, physically, not so different than our tree friends - made up of limbs that can be bent, snapped…

  13. I don't even watch football, and I still love this (also, I bet lots of you do watch football and will therefore love it all the more).

  14. There must be hundreds of them, scattered all over the hill facing the field, men and women and grandparents and siblings sitting on lawn chairs and blankets. They’ve settled in with bags of Goldfish crackers, juice boxes, and hot cups of coffee they picked up at Starbucks. They chit-chat with their hands tucked loosely in the pockets of their hooded sweatshirts, their weight on the left foot, then the right, then the left again, coolly…

  15. im sailing this is what sailing is bathtub is swimming take it from me, the olympics tennis tennis tennis we are doing tennis how to ride a horse step one? im riding a horse…