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Toast Points For The Week Of July 25th

This week was a week to live forever in the hearts and minds of Toastrons. We had our one-year anniversary party, and it was splendid. ...Read More

Femslash Friday: A League Of Their Own

Previously on Femslash Friday: Mean Girls' Lesbian Layers. A League Of Their Own is part of a cadre of movies that made up the definitely-feminist, almost-lesbian boom of the early '90s, alongside Thelma & LouiseTank Girl, and Fried Green TomatoesA League Of Their Own is to a particular type of women what The ...Read More

Link Roundup

As if this week had not been excitement enough, tomorrow I am meeting up with Nicole in Sedona (just in time for COWBOY DAYS). I may or may not just move in with her after that; I haven't decided.


Do you love Roxane Gay and self? Would you care to ...Read More

Exploring The Public Domain

Oh, there is a site dedicated entirely to reviewing works ("from classic works of art to absentminded doodles") that have entered the public domain, and I have only just found out about it this very minute. ...Read More

Dirtbag Hans Christian Andersen

Previously in this series: Dirtbag Arthur Miller. Can I buy a match, please? [The Little Match Girl uses every match in the book at once to light her cigarette] i dont know can you ...Read More

Last Night We Had A Party

LAST NIGHT WE HAD A PARTY and I want all of you to feel like you were there even if you live in Canada or Southern California or some remote, third place. Look at how many of us there were! party2 MARVEL at how varied the ...Read More

Star Wars Expanded Universe Book Covers And The Feelings I Have Had About Them, Fifteen Years Later

Previously in The Toast's EU Coverage: The Expanded Universe, A Eulogy. This is the type of post that will either appeal to you completely, to the deepest depths of your person, or not at all. In either case, I make no apologies for it. Let us begin with Timothy Zahn. Everything begins ...Read More

Tips From My Forthcoming Medieval Lifestyle Blog

Previously: Lift like a serf, eat like a baron - My Medieval Diet Plan 9 Quick And Easy Dinners That Involve Sewing The Top Half Of A Pig Onto The Bottom Half Of A Peacock [Slideshow] Fish: Is It Meat? How To Cook Literally Anything With Buckwheat Groats Because That's The Only Thing You'll ...Read More