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  1. There are a handful of truly historic meetings in the theatre world. When Rodgers met Hammerstein. When Lunt met Fontanne. When legendary American playwright Eugene O’Neill met The Bottle.

  2. "Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez have finally confirmed rumours they are dating after they were pictured kissing on holiday in Sardinia. The 26-year-old hunk and the raven-haired beauty enjoyed a PDA as they cosied up to one another on a yacht." "Let us perform kissing. I'll just, then -- I'll just haunch over you -- like so -- knee abutting your human breast, as is traditional, and cover your mouth with my…

  3. His muse is his at last! Twenty years after Quentin Tarantino directed Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, Us Weekly can confirm that the two have taken their relationship to the next level. Sources tell Us that the pair recently spent time together at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival in the South of France, where they even shared a villa. "They had a thing and got together again recently," one insider tells Us. "He's loved…

  4. Do you remember how, in The Cider House Rules, Homer says: "Let us be happy for Fuzzy Stone. Fuzzy Stone has found a family"? Fuzzy Stone had not, in fact, found a family, he was dead from a respiratory infection, but was, at least, no longer an orphan. Let us be happy for Gwyneth and Chris. They have found release. Did I know them? No. But they seemed miserable and bored and lonely together, and…

  5. I was going to do this next week, but Harold Ramis was a reminder that our time on this earth is fleeting. Put your list in the comments, I'm sad and done for the day.

    1. Joni Mitchell

    2. Emma Thompson

    3. Phylicia Rashad

    4. Buck Henry

  6. In Memoriam of the Celebrities We Lost This Year: Bradley Cooper, let go of our hand in a Kroger's parking lot, got separated in the confusion. Blake Shelton, disappeared from his post as a lighthouse keeper, along with three other men on duty, leaving behind all of their equipment and a completely set dinner table. Taye Diggs, lost at sea. William H. Macy, lost at sea. Lucy Liu, went out for cigarettes and never came…

  7. "With breathtaking views over the Los Angeles skyline, expansive landscaped gardens and a glistening pool, Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster's residence is a haven of peace and tranquility." "The home resonates with laughter as two-year-old Aiden charges through the estate's opulently furnished rooms, giggling and calling after his statuesque mother." "She's one of the most down-to-earth stars around, but Gravity star Sandra Bullock was surely floating on air this week." "It's a 'once-in-a-lifetime' role, says…

  8. Literally everything in this post is a direct quotation from the version of George Burns' Wikipedia page which existed on Monday, October 14th, 2013, which is a work of singular beauty and charm and should be preserved in carbonite for all time, like George Burns himself. 1. George Burns was born Nathan Birnbaum on January 20, 1896 in New York City, the ninth of 12 children born to Louis "Lippe" and Dorah (née Bluth)…

  9. I am a celebrity magnet. They keep finding me, lured by something deep within my DNA that makes them want to revolve for one fleeting moment in my orbit. Obviously, I provide some sort of validation of their worth. Maybe they see in me a reflection of their dreams and desires, what they could have become if only, if only ... How else to explain this fantastic series of events? 1961 - My first brush with…

  10. There’s a tale folks tell in these parts, where the dark water of what used to be known as the Pacific meets the steel stumps and gnarls of what used to be Lesser Los Angeles, of the days when the Jen lived among the men and women of the earth. The Enemy is dead now, or so they say; though there’s some of those left what still claim you can espy Her if you look…

  11. The celebrity is in Africa. You know the celebrity from movies, or from being in a royal family, or from making an apology on television after saying what they really thought on television. An embedded reporter from The Toast was given exclusive access to the celebrity as he or she visited several buildings and animals throughout the region of Africa. We discussed Africa at length. Below is an edited and condensed version of this rare and…

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