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  1. "This is a compilation of various items being blown up by my friends and I, I hope you enjoy it."

  2. When I win this fucking award, I won't even know what award they're talking about at first. "No, I'm serious," I'll say. "What award?" Because I haven't even been following the nomination process, not because I think I'm too good for it, but honestly just because this kind of thing doesn't even register with me, like I don't even notice when people win awards. I mean, if it makes them happy, that's great, I just…

  3. Attaining a lifelong dream — who doesn’t want to? — can prove difficult when your efforts are taken hostage by nature’s whims. I know this from personal experience. After two well-planned trips to take in the magical glow of the aurora borealis, I still rely on photos and YouTube videos, representations that only tease. My quest began in earnest when an email from Astronomy magazine offered a tour to Iceland, a trip designed for aurora viewing.

  4. Previously in this series: If Hayley Atwell Were Your Girlfriend. If John Cho were your boyfriend, he would be thoughtful enough to warn you several hours before he cut that amazing hair of his, so you could maybe call in sick to work and make those hours count. If John Cho were your boyfriend, the cat you rescued back in college would desert you to sleep on his…

  5. "The Least Sassy Girl in America, Pt. II" will run later today.

    From a very young age, what I wanted most in the world was to be discovered by and taken in hand by an older, wiser, cooler, female mentor. My mother has always been very supportive and encouraging, which I now know is far from universal, but as much as I enjoyed and counted on her attention and praise, I also dismissed

  6. There are plenty of ways in which I feel COMPLICIT and GUILTY about our constant photo-surveillance of celebrities. ON THE ONE HAND: it was weird and creepy for photographers to follow Kristen Stewart around on the beach last week. ON THE OTHER HAND: if she's wearing men's shorts and dating a woman, I want to have this information uploaded into my brain without a moment's delay. If leaked photos of Kirsten Stewart in a state…

  7. When I sleep, it's either dreamless or pulsing with nightmares. There's no in-between. ("But Mallory! Everyone dreams, you just don't always remem--" HUSH NOW.) The odds of a nightmare seem to increase if I take a late-afternoon nap or fall back asleep after waking up too early in the morning, but it's random enough that I generally have to pray to myself before losing consciousness that I won't serve myself anything horrifying while I'm sleeping.

  8. Laura Ortberg Turner's previous work for The Toast can be found here.

    Among my most treasured possessions—the things I would grab if the house was on fire and I had five seconds before it blew up—is a gray and yellow pillow that a friend made for me. The backside is covered in a striped fabric with little yellow “X”’s set in a diagonal pattern. The front is a darker gray, plain, except

  9. If you are anything like me -- and you are -- you watched Galaxy Quest at least four times this weekend. You already know that it is commonly referred to as "the greatest Star Trek film of all time," that Takei loved it despite initial misgivings, that Tony Shaloub's stoner subplot was imperfectly cut to get a PG rating, and that David Mamet (!) thinks it's one of the most structurally perfect movies ever made. You've read…

  10. Lot 1

    Proposed Project: Shopping mall with central plaza Method: Adaptive Reuse Marked by a history of violence, this arena boasts ample square footage for varied commercial successes. The current structure is a hallmark of urban blight, crumbling and home to transient populations prone to noise and loitering violations (pictured above.) Allowed to go to ruin, current lot in need of renovation to bring investment for cultural amenities. Retaining and reinforcing outer wall, developers could…

  11. 1. Getting all the meat off the rotisserie chicken. 2. Figuring out how to make coffee with a new machine. 3. Keyboard shortcuts. 4. Using a responsible amount of paper towel. 5. Positioning the car next to the take-out window so you need not half-emerge on foot to retrieve your coffee. 6. Positioning the car next to the gas pump so you can both exit your vehicle with ease and reach your tank with the nozzle.

  12. I was sitting in my gynecologist’s office, waiting to get my IUD removed so my husband and I can have a baby, when the woman across from me began telling a nurse about her daughter who killed herself the previous year.

    “Her first boyfriend broke up with her,” the other patient said. “She didn’t think she’d get anyone else.” 

    “Last year? You’re in good shape,” said the nurse. “I’d

  13. This sequel to "Getting the Body You've Always Wanted" is dedicated with love to prominent public intellectual Ta-Nehisi Coates. 1. If you stop looking after the body you've always wanted, you're going to see some unpleasant changes. 2. You may find that just doing the same old things to maintain your body, day in and day out, will gradually stop working. 3. Fluid loss is a real concern. Prevent it at…

  14. 1. Tell her she’ll never get really ripped with that kind of diet. 2. Watch her from a distance and wonder how she’s even able to walk around, let alone do Box Jumps, on legs that haven’t had beef in a decade. When your buddy sees you spacing out, say loudly that you love a Clean Snatch. Do one, just to prove your point. 3. Ditto with Thrusters.

  15. Frances is the first to cry. Our Beginning Acting class is seated in a row against the back wall of the rehearsal studio, socked feet stretched before us, notebooks open on our laps. We spend two long mornings a week together in this room, watching our reflections move in the mirrored walls surrounding us: We drop to the polished floor and growl and grunt; volley an invisible ball in the air; shake our limbs