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  1. I’m a Freak



    There Goes My Baby

    Love from afar.


    Bailando (Dancing)

    Sex - especially in Spanish.


    El Perdedor (The Loser)

    No love and definitely no sex.

  2. Still giving me butterflies I was delivering your family the news that your brother, the colonel, was trampled by his own men. You were unbraiding your hair with a knife to remove the butterflies. I waved but you have not spoken since you were seven and there was an incident with a crow. Follow me overseas? Chronicle of a marriage foretold You: ninety-three, a whore, kneading dough with the heel of your shoe. Me: the…

  3. Click through for an adorable little visual representation of human intimacy via what we are told is legit math.

  4. We were sitting on the porch of Dead Rat Beach, having some terribly important discussion about fake punks versus real punks, when I said: “You know who K is like? That whiny prick Neil from Real World Four. ‘There’s not enough intellectual stimulation in this house.’” I rolled my eyes. But Alex just blinked at me. He had no idea what I was referencing, the way he often had no idea what I was referencing.

  5. "I can tell she really cared for me. She didn't make me a pallbearer." If you really love someone, you will never ask them to participate in your wedding or funeral, buy candy bars for your kid's basketball team, or help you move anything..

    Girls with long brown hair and beat-up army jackets are universally adored.

    "And is this your girlfriend, Ralph?" "Yes!…

  6. We had sworn we were done with Harry Potter pieces, but we liked this one so much we had to have it just the same. Enjoy it: it's the last one we'll run in 2014. Here is a thing I believe about stories: the best have a life of their own. When you are in a story—whether you are reading it or writing it—it will tell you what it wants. The stories I love best,…

  7. If you're sad because you miss someone, but you're also really hungry: a) if the person is probably dead: Seeing Daylight b) if you’re still pretty numb about the whole situation: Alpha Omega c) if you have a sweet tooth: Jam Eater Blues If you haven't had sex in a really long time: a) if you then have sex: How to Embrace a Swamp Creature b) if you will probably never have sex again: Autoclave…

  8. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love What We Talk About When We Talk About Prince What We Talk About When We Talk About Girls What We Talk About When We Talk About Ecocritcism What We Talk About When We Talk About Metadata What We Talk About When We Talk About Football Concussions What We Talk About When We Talk About The South What We Talk…

  9. So. As you may or may not know, Wilde went on a speaking tour of America in 1882, and it was marvelous (Henry James didn't care for it; Henry James called him a "tenth-rate card" and an "unclean beast"; Henry James can go suck an egg). He lectured and gave interviews and he sold out concert halls and he very possibly had sex with Walt Whitman. If you have not already read Neil McKenna's nearly-perfect…

  10. Hans Christian Andersen, it cannot be denied, was one sorry motherfucker. The first story he ever wrote was about a candle that did not feel appreciated, which is fairly representative of his output over the course of a lifetime. Charles Dickens almost certainly based the character of Uriah Heep on him after an overlong and profoundly uncomfortable stint as his houseguest ("Andersen extended a brief visit to Dickens' home into five weeks, to the…

  11. Carrie Fisher: "I want you to know...I will never want that wagon wheel coffee table." It's an okay table, too. I would totally own that table. Bruno Kirby: "[disgusted laugh] NO" immediately at the end of Billy Crystal's "Ted Kennedy was shot?" line. Carrie Fisher: "You're right, you're right, I know you're right," every fucking time. That redheaded friend of Sally and Marie's: "At least you could say you were married," during the riverside lunch…

  12. Grief You can’t love a ham. Luckily, you notice the quilted quality of its leathery skin looks a lot like a certain iconic handbag. You can wear a ham as a handbag.   You can’t love a kohlrabi. In December, the only thing to eat is kohlrabi, unless you hop on its spaceship bulb and whiz away to kohlrabi space.   You can’t love button mushrooms while dropping a handful of their still breathing bodies…

  13. Dear User, Greetings! After almost 20 years of operation in more than 25 countries on five continents, eight languages, millions of photos, and hundreds of thousands of successful first dates, the time has come for those of us here at to announce that, as of this Friday, we're closing our doors. It's been a terrific run, and we're so proud to be able to say that we're closing because--after almost two decades in business--we…