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  1. For The Toast's previous coverage of trans* issues, please click here. This post was brought to you by Sarah Langlais. I grew up in the church. I was seven when one of my uncles died suddenly of a stroke and my father started worrying about his own mortality. My mother had been raised in part by her grandmother and two twin aunts of the Oneness Pentecostalism persuasion, a sect that doesn’t believe in…

  2. The Toast’s archive of trans* related stories can be found here. When I began to work in the tech industry 11 years ago, it was a lucky break. I got a chance to fix laptops at the University where I studied, and that continued into a career in IT, testing, and analytics that pays my bills today. When I began work, though I have always been a woman, I was presenting as a man.

  3. The Toast's archive of trans* related stories can be found here.

    Last week, Grantland published a feature by Caleb Hannan about the “scientifically superior” Oracle GX1 putter and its reclusive inventor, Dr. Essay Anne Vanderbilt.

    During the course of his reporting, Hannan uncovered inconsistencies within Vanderbilt’s official backstory. Some of these were germane to the story, like the fact that the impressive work and education credentials touted by Vanderbilt appeared to

  4. Previously in the Trans* Series. When I was little, I grew accustomed to the quiet assurances of adults, usually women. “One day you’ll be pretty,” they would say. “You’ll have to beat the boys off with a stick.” I knew both of these were lies, but I couldn’t figure out which was farthest from the truth. Grown-ups were often feeding me lines about a better tomorrow. Maybe I would be more popular, happier, but…

  5. You may or may not already be familiar with Caleb Hannan's article on Grantland this week, in which an investigation about the inventor of a new golf putter turns into the outing of a trans woman (who committed suicide before the article was published). It's a deeply troubling article for many reasons -- not least of which, as Rebecca Schoenkopf pointed out, is that the writer was given eight months to report on a putter.

  6. Hi gang! As you know, we've had the first installment of The Trans* Series, a fantastic piece by Parker Molloy, and I just wanted to touch base about a little concern of mine, and to let you know about another option for writers. As I've mentioned in the comments here and elsewhere, I'm really on the fence about the concept of this as a SERIES, with a special header, because our goal…

  7. Welcome to the first installment of The Trans* Series, we're always looking for more! This particular one was brought to you by a reader who specifically wanted to sponsor a piece on trans* issues. Thanks, reader! I’d like to take a moment to talk about Jared Leto. No, I haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club. This isn’t about that. This is about Hollywood’s uncomfortable relationship with transgender people.

  8. Loved ones, I had the BEST weekend at my Zen ski camp, run by Kristen Ulmer, literally the coolest and sexiest and bravest woman in the world, and I'm still pretty high from it (I went last year, too, and it was a big catalyst for saying "yes" to Mallory when she asked me to make this site with her, so, we owe her one.) I won't make a huge sales pitch,…

  9. I. A note on the title Many of you are probably familiar with the idea spearheaded by Gail Simone of “women in refrigerators” in the comics industry. Simone and several others noticed that it really seemed like all the female characters in comics were coming to violent and often degrading ends. The name comes from Alex DeWitt, girlfriend of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, who is murdered and stuffed into his refrigerator by a crime syndicate.

  10. EJ Graff asks: what's next for the gay rights movement? Spoiler: "breaking the nation out of its gender straitjacket."


    I made this for dinner last night (a comical marital misunderstanding having left boneless, SKINLESS chicken breasts in my fridge, the horror) with sauteed spinach/garlic/red pepper flakes on the side, and it was incredible and then for breakfast I served the leftover sauce over fried eggs. WHAT.



  11. Two years ago I spent my summer reading a great history of the Riot Grrrl movement. The book, Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution (Amazon | Indiebound) by Sara Marcus, chronicled the rise and short reign of Riot Grrrl's prominence in America by following some of the young women at the front of the movement.

    After finishing it, I downloaded some Heavens to Betsy and Bratmobile songs…

  12. So California passed a lovely little law this week that lets transgender students in public schools choose which bathroom and locker rooms they use, as well as whether they'd rather play girls' or boys' sports. Tremendous! Anything to make gym class pleasanter, anything to make transgender kids' days at school a tiny bit less of a total fucking bummer. But, as always, some folks are deeply worried about bathroom access: "The answer is not…