1. His name is BRAHMS. He is an EVIL DOLL. What time are you all coming over? We can drive to the theater together if you're worried about parking.

  2. Jeremiah 29:11
    "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."

    "Well, never mind! Your Auntie Mame will open doors for you. Doors you never even dreamed existed. What times we'll have!"

  3. Sometimes we don't know what we need from movies until one of them gives it to us.

  4. If you are avoiding spoilers for a 1939 novel, do not read this. I am using the new BBC adaptation as our jumping-off point, but there are no major differences in plot (only in sexiness and cocaine usage.)

  5. Some critics were calling Finn, among other things, comic relief, a token, and a coward. I don’t make a habit of arguing with people’s opinions, but what you’re not gonna do is flatten this character because he doesn’t fit your narrow expectations.

  6. ICY BLONDE WOMAN [weighted down with diamonds]: I'm awfully nervous, John

    A PSYCHIATRIST: You're absolutely crazy, Madeline. The specific nature of your madness has long been of interest to men of science. Allow me to deliver a thirty-minute lecture directly to the camera in front of the blackboard on the subject. [He does so.]

  7. Death Becomes Her
    Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn as resentful exes playing an increasingly dangerous game of lesbian one-upmanship. One-updykeship. I don't know, puns aren't my strong suit. All of Bruce Willis' scenes are replaced with that shot of Isabella Rossellini wearing a necklace for a shirt and purring "You're scared."

  8. Nicole finally pulled the "I won't be seeing the new Star Wars for a long time because I have two children and a new puppy" on me, which she should have done a long time ago, because by holding out until now, I thought she never would.

  9. How Home Alone Shows the Stress of Holidays On Introverts

    Home Alone and Vulnerable: Today’s Youth Wouldn’t Hear Intruders Through Their Headphones

    The Benefits of Teaching Practical Problem-Solving Skills to Millennials

  10. I'm a fan of tradition. I don't particularly care what the tradition is, how long it's existed, or what it represents, I just like things you can look forward to every year because I'm an anxious person who craves stability. I'm also a fan of Secular Christmas, because I don't believe in god but I look great in red. Because of those two, let me present one of my favorite Christmas Traditions, the annual viewing…

  11. Their Style: Georg favors a seafaring aesthetic inspired by rigid discipline, uniforms, and a lot of marching. He likes rooms to conduct themselves with the utmost order and decorum. I enjoy large fountains, tree-lined streets, extravagant home puppet theaters, and statues that remind me of the Reverend Mother’s chiseled cheekbones.

  12. "Love Actually script editor reveals what happened with Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman's characters"

    They, uh, he cheated on her with someone at work and then she cried, right?

  13. The TV movie’s first act takes place in 1960, the same year the FDA approves birth control pills. +5

    The TV movie’s second act takes place in 1990, the year Emory University established the first Ph.D. program in women’s studies in the US. +8

    Yet another item in the canon assuming only male-appearing creatures can be horrifying serial killers… -3

    …But likely because we understand men

  14. Why do I have to wait a single second to watch this movie?

  15. "Producer Albert R. Broccoli at first thought he was British and so considered him; he was in fact German."

    "Was not English."

    "For having 'hands too big and a face like a farmer.'"